Bits and bobs: An update on the silence

Howdy! I took the last week off from all the trappings of modern day life. Or just my life. I was finding that it was getting too hectic and given it was my birthday too, I decided to treat myself to go away somewhere and spend some time figuring out the bigger things in life. I headed to Port Douglas in sunny Queensland, where the temperature was a beautiful low of 21 and maximum of 26 degrees. I have close to 1150 photos to whittle down and managed to get to 23/24 places of the best attractions around there. Here are some of the things I did and learnt… Continue reading

Bits and bobs: Now moving into OVERDRIVE!

Since my last update, my skills and my blogging have grown.

I recently enrolled into the Open2Study course about Writing for the Web and User Experience for the web. The course posed a great question – who is your audience?

And honestly, I didn’t know. So I took some time to figure it out: who are the people I’m trying to get to, where these types of people hang out and what I could do to distinguish myself from the rest. There was also a section about checking out your competition.

And this is where I broke my heart. Continue reading