Bits and Bobs: Updates All Around


It’s been a few weeks (months?) since I’ve last spoken with you about what’s going on. First of all, I hope you like the new design. Go around and click away. I’ve taught myself a lot about making things easier for my awesome readers and ensured that everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Secondly, I am working on creating a newsletter where I will cover a few things that I don’t normally post on this site. Right now, I am finalising a free gift for you to join my list. If you already have, never fear, I will send it to you as well! I am all about giving and gratitude! You have been generous with your time, and I want to repay you for your kindness.

Third, there will 2 major posting changes. One is a new type of category called “What I’m excited about”. This post will focus on upcoming events and to help you plan out for the weekend, will be released at 6pm on Thursday evening. The second change – the regularily scheduled posts will move to Saturday afternoon at 12pm. And all the while in between? A guaranteed Instagram update of coffee or a shot of a tantalising upcoming review!

Here’s to all the fun we are going to have and I cannot wait to see what new adventures we are going to have.

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Island Point Lookout
Yarra River

Bits and Bobs: The Latest

“Why do we fall? It’s so that we can learn to get back up.”

I was rewatching the Christopher Nolan Batman series, a pick-me-up because a few things went haywire in different circles of my life just and it all got too much.

I took a much needed break from everything to ensure that I could get myself back on track and focused on the things that were most important to me. Having recently read about another blogger’s struggle (fear?) of being real, I too, took up the courage to be more authentic on this blog. And sometimes, just like in life, I don’t quite get it right. I have very high expectations of myself and those around me and if left unchecked, can grow into a beast that becomes untamable. Continue reading