Exploring Christmas Lights Outside Of Melbourne

Melbourne always has a few surprises around the corner if you’re interested in seeing what this wonderful city has to offer. But sometimes, you need to step oustide the city limits and expand your horizons to what else the place has to offer.
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Moving To Melbourne – The Student Guide: Transport Tuesdays

You’re coming to Melbourne. Perhaps this is your first overseas trip? Or maybe you’re moving interstate, or even moving to the big smoke (or not so big smoke) and away from everyone you know. It’s exciting, yet daunting. Here’s some of the fundamentals that you will need to cover.

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The Domestic Traveller Tours – Day 1

When my fellow foodie and good friend from Tasmania, Louis, decides to come down and do a food tour of Melbourne – I was charged with showing off the best and most mouth watering foods on offer.
Here’s that massive list!
To be fair, after writing this post, I had to go through and break them up into individual days. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have given the tour the justice it deserved. And without further ado..

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Warm Up This Winter at the Queen Victoria Night Markets

The guide written, it was time to test it out. Can we get the best out of the night markets? Turns out… it can. Continue reading “Warm Up This Winter at the Queen Victoria Night Markets”

Melbourne Open House: The 2014 Challenge

If you haven’t heard about the Open House Melbourne event happening this weekend, then you might be about to miss one of the most prestigious annual events.
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How to never got lost on Public Transport in Melbourne with these 2 FREE apps

“Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

Of course, this flies in the face of being spontaneous but for now, let’s understand the basic idea and we can then discuss the intricacies of philosophy later.

I reckon, to truly enjoy a place, you need a rough guide on getting to the place. Once you’re there… you ditch the phone/map and ask the questions of the locals and see how you go. Best way to meet some new people and to practice your language skills. Cultural experience + language learning = AWESOME experience. Continue reading “How to never got lost on Public Transport in Melbourne with these 2 FREE apps”

St Kilda Festival: 9 Days of great times and great memories

St Kilda Festival Banner
St Kilda Festival Banner

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White Night Melbourne

Now in it’s second year, White Night is an all night event from 7pm-7am filled with lights, colour and roaming street performers. This year, they surpassed their attendee expectations and I’ll give you my top tips on how you can get around all of the sudden issues that might pop up. But what is it? Well, read on to find out more. Continue reading “White Night Melbourne”