Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update

So here I am wondering what I should do with this blog and how I can take this thing to another level. I had a great conversation with one of my mentor who does something similar. You should check out his work when you get the time. . Well for one thing, I am also going to put in the things that you should look out for in each month that I intend on doing. Continue reading “Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update”

Melbourne: Red Silks Restaurant

If after 2 years, you need to catch up with close friends, who have helped shape you career, then you need a restaurant that will be worth the wait – great food, good prices and ambient enough to have a decent conversation. Enter Red Silks. Continue reading “Melbourne: Red Silks Restaurant”

Christmas in Melbourne 2013

Who doesn’t love Christmas and this year, the City of Melbourne did not disappoint. It had events and activities for young and old and ensured that the Christmas spirit was alive and well through out the city. Continue reading “Christmas in Melbourne 2013”