Melbourne: Annual Must See Attractions

Welcome back and what a glorious year it’s going to be!

January is upon us and in no time, the festivals be coming up and if you’re not ready, you will miss out on the best that this town has to offer.

Here are the events I have been to and definitely recommend: Continue reading “Melbourne: Annual Must See Attractions”

Port Douglas: Old Train Tracks

Sunset Tours at Port Douglas
Fine Dining into the sunset

In bygone days, Port Douglas was also a port and had to have many things be transported up and down from the water’s edge. As far as I was concerned, I had no idea what they could possibly used for when I first entered the place and saw those disused tracks along the main roads. But if you remember that “Journey of Discovery” aka my walk along the 4 mile beach that turned out to be an amazing half day adventure. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Old Train Tracks”

Melbourne Open House: The 2014 Challenge

If you haven’t heard about the Open House Melbourne event happening this weekend, then you might be about to miss one of the most prestigious annual events.
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The Last Free Guided Tour In Melbourne

It’s not everyday that you get informed about a free tour in your hometown from someone else. And if an interstate friend raves about how awesome the Melbourne tour is, perhaps you’d want to check it out too.

First of all, in all sincerity, it is FREE. It works on tips and to be honest, you’d want to tip big. These people do an amazing job and it’s only their love for the city that allows them to keep doing something like this. Based on my research, this literally is the last “Free Melbourne” Tour, having 3 other companies, it’s only come down to this one. So, if you’re a local or a tourist. Make sure you get down to this place. Continue reading “The Last Free Guided Tour In Melbourne”

Port Douglas: 4 Mile Beach

4 Mile Beach
4 Mile Beach

This is definitely one of nature’s untouched beauties in the tropical far north. And a definite highlight for anyone visiting Port Douglas. Continue reading “Port Douglas: 4 Mile Beach”

St Kilda Festival: 9 Days of great times and great memories

St Kilda Festival Banner
St Kilda Festival Banner

This would have to be one of the best street festivals I have attended thus far. It is 9 days of fun, frivolity and stacks of great music, awesome food and some of the best local acts you could see. Continue reading “St Kilda Festival: 9 Days of great times and great memories”

Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update

So here I am wondering what I should do with this blog and how I can take this thing to another level. I had a great conversation with one of my mentor who does something similar. You should check out his work when you get the time. . Well for one thing, I am also going to put in the things that you should look out for in each month that I intend on doing. Continue reading “Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update”

Melbourne: Red Silks Restaurant

If after 2 years, you need to catch up with close friends, who have helped shape you career, then you need a restaurant that will be worth the wait – great food, good prices and ambient enough to have a decent conversation. Enter Red Silks. Continue reading “Melbourne: Red Silks Restaurant”

Christmas in Melbourne 2013

Who doesn’t love Christmas and this year, the City of Melbourne did not disappoint. It had events and activities for young and old and ensured that the Christmas spirit was alive and well through out the city. Continue reading “Christmas in Melbourne 2013”