Bits & Bobs: One year on

It’s been one year since I decided to dip into the social media scene and here are some of things that I learned on the way.

Have a voice:
There is nothing worse than being a wishy washy, just another person out there, polluting the web with drivel. Know what it is you stand for and don’t be afraid to voice it. People often, myself included, use our own personal filters to tone down what we really think. It’s an attempt to be accepted. And in doing so we lose our individuality. Because no matter what, you will find those people that believe in the same thing you do. There are 7 billion people on this planet. You are bound to find some that agrees with you.

You will have detractors:
It is unbelivable the number of people that will find what you are doing is “stupid”, “lame” or has “already been done before”. And you will also find them giving you more grief than ever before. So if this is your dream and you want to do it… ignore your detractors and go for it. There will be countless people who can’t do it themselves that will want to stop you from it as well. Mediocrity is the most dangerous disease of all. It’s also the place where there is the most competition. So aim high and keep your dream alive.

You will learn to create:
I found my sentences to be more structured. My ideas more coherent and my daily language taken to a whole different level. Once I understood how people read or learn, it wasn’t that hard to tailor the message. My daily emails became more succinct. And when I really had to push a point, it wasn’t that hard to highlight the key message in the written word. It was brilliant!

Gain a sense of flow and achievement:
As a knowledge worker, you don’t often get the opportunity to create something. Often at the end of the day there is nothing “concrete” that you can say you have achieved. However, in writing, you get this wild and free sense to explore the way you write. And in travelling to all these amazing places, I’ve had the chance to have my eyes opened to the wonder of the world, meet some interesting fellow traveller and have some zany conversations. The world is truly amazing place. And often in our rush of our daily hustle and bustle, we can forget this minor little fact. And when life does get busy, what is it really busy with? Are you really living your life or just trying to get on with an existence where you look forward to the weekend which is another drunken stupor just to wake up and redo your weekly life? I’m not saying that writing and blogging is for everyone but why not give this a shot and see if you like it. I came across this quote and thought it was quite pertinent.

“You have only one life to do everything you ever wanted. So act accordingly” – Colin Wright.

And in my honest opinion, writing has had quite a meditative effect.

So if you ever wanted to do something, I say go for it!

What does the next year hold?
Well for one thing, I definitely won’t be doing the same thing as other people. I will only ever post things that I find interesting and not necessarily have a regimented schedule to follow. And if I do want to improve a skill, I’m going link you to the resources I find. I hope you enjoy the next few iterations of this blog. It will grow and I hope that my readers grow with it. You will only ever find authentic updates. And I promise you, that I will not bother you with useless drivel. Because in you giving me your valuable time and attention, I promise to only give you my best. Every. Single. Time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day.

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