Bits and Bobs: I’m back

My troubled computer issues have now passed. But it will take me a little while to get all my programs up and running again on the new computer. But I’m back! And boy-oh-boy am I glad to be back.

Thanks to the wonderful people that did email me to ask me how things were progressing. This thanks is for YOU!

Time to teach this old dog new tricks!

Surprisingly, I came across this site (thanks to a friend) –

Whilst the above was based on Alexa rankings (had to google that to find out the answer), I managed to come in on 146. Sure, it doesn’t mean much and it’s not a competition…. but it was just a nice feeling that this blog (might) in some way (be/)is bringing value to the world. And for that I will keep going.

Rave reviews coming:
– Meat and Wine Co @ Southbank (Melbourne)
– Paperboy Kitchen

– Where to go for more information once you get here
– Best apps (free and paid) to have before AND whilst you are in Melbourne
– Location of free local wifi spots in the city.

Till next time….Keep discovering!

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