Melbourne: Paperboy Kitchen

Admittedly, this was a sudden lunch suggestion. And you know what, for the price, it was actually really delicious and satisfying food.

Paperboy Kitchen

Paperboy Kitchen


Great food and excellent ambience! However, my experience was marred by the fact they had forgotten my egg even after I asked them to fry it. This came at a price and I didn’t like the upsell without the delivery. Perhaps with my whole “people keeping their words” this year thing. But I know, I know – can’t hold people to the same standards. Ah well. What I will do is try again and see if they make up for it.

Awesome place to eat though (especially if you can get a seat)!

Paperboy Kitchen Kitchen

Paperboy Kitchen Kitchen

Paperboy Kitchen on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Melbourne: Paperboy Kitchen

  1. Hey Nigel,
    So so sorry that we forgot your egg – that’s really terrible of us! Please tell us next time and we’ll make it up to you.
    I’m really glad you still enjoyed your lunch – please come down again soon.
    Adam @ Paperboy Kitchen


    • Hey Adam,

      Oh wow! That’s very kind of you guys. Plus I didn’t get photos of the food last time (as it had the Pringles effect – once you start, you can’t stop) I’ll definitely be in again.

      My work colleagues also loved the restaurant so we’ll be back as a group!

      Thanks again Adam!



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