Melbourne: BrimCC

In a world where productivity is the bastion upon which all things are placed, it would only be a matter of time, before this would be applied to the food production line. And here’s why BrimCCs does not disappoint.


If Henry Ford could watch how the team at BrimCCs operate, his heart would swell with pride. Just as you’d expect from any Japanese takeaway, they have all the usual fare on sale – sushi handrolls and hot food to boot. And this is where they excel.

I went for the beef and rice udon dish. Now, what surprised me was how quickly they produce the food and the fact that it stayed warm whilst I took my time devouring it. Any place that can somehow make the food retain its heat wins in my book hands down!

Miso Soup and Beef Katsu Don on a bed of rice

Miso Soup and Beef Katsu Don on a bed of rice

TDT: 3.5/5

BrimCC Organic Soup and Japanese cafe on Urbanspoon

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t end this post with the actual anecdote that happened to me at this restaurant. I had to redo this entry because alas, my recent quietness on the blogging front has made me want to do a host of posts to make up for my slackness. In my rush to get things out, I actually did forget the place that I had this amazing lunch.

Then given my recent change in responsibilities, I convinced my existing team of this amazing lunch spot. And indeed, I confused myself with the place that I really wanted to go to – Purple Peanuts. So we went to Purple Peanuts, which was no where near the actual location.

Props to Purple Peanuts (and a post in itself), they delivered and one day I will eventually be able to take my team to BRIMCC, but until then, Purple Peanuts, you have my heart and my wallet.

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