Melbourne: Chick-In

The best always requires a little more effort to find. And here in Melbourne, only your curiosity can quench your thirst for the next best thing. That’s why you got to try ‘Chick-in’


Located right next to one of those places that make amazing pancakes, this Korean inspired restaurant is a tiny, yet packed lunchtime favourite that there is always a queue to get seats or the waiters actively urge you to get takeaway. Heck, in my effort to note the language people use, I could even detect the subtle hints in their question. “Take away?! Or….” And then motion to the inside of the shop. I don’t know whether it was the loss in translation on her part but I found it to be very effective on a lot of people. There were two guys who were food hunting just like we were. I should’ve mentioned it was my good friend’s Mama G’s milestone birthday and I couldn’t attend so was making it up to her. Her choice of restaurant but um…no vu de monde thanks.



Anyway, so these guys who got there before us, saw the spare seats too and when the waiter asked her question, they politely offered to do takeaway instead.

Mama G and I, not so much. We bailed them up and got our butts on the last remaining stools.



Mama G got the Pork Bulgogi and I chose to get the “hottest Chick-in”.

Spicy Chick-In

Spicy Chick-In

What can I say? I love building up my spice tolerance. It’s no scorpion sauce by any measure. But it had a nice kick that died down straight away.

The food, flush with flavour ensured a good time was had indeed. The fresh, sharp taste was punctuated with the subtle aromas of the spices they used. I must say, that the company was more important and I found myself getting lost in the catch up than the food.

Having said that, this is definitely one of those places I highly recommend checking out for yourself. If ever you’re in the city and lost for options, this a must eat place that won’t break the bank.

TDT: 3.9/5

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