Docklands: The Nixon Hotel

When you work in the city, you have your regular lunch spots. One of the most happening places that has survived ever since the Docklands area has been completed is the Nixon and here’s why.


The Chicken Cajun Burger was well seasoned but I found the flavour hadn’t been infused into the entire chicken. The sourdough bread was fluffy and the flour residue that it leaves on your lips is a little disconcerting given the kind of role I have. The avocado and aioli topping was excellent and felt like it was freshly created. To top it off their chips was just the right combination of crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside that willing to overlook the lack of flavour infusion.

Chicken Cajun Burger

Chicken Cajun Burger

1. The Specials
What once used to be only a handful of items or special Tuesday or exciting Thursday (names completely made up), the latest round of owners have decided that a daily lunch special would bring in the crowds. And they were right. Having eaten there twice in a short amount of time, I cannot fault their speed and friendly service. Although cracking on to one of my friends…well not so sure. But we all enjoyed his attempts and she relished the attention. (I know you’re rolling your eyes, but doth protest too much DB).

2. Location
Being right on the corner near the stadium, currently sponsored by Etihad, has it’s perks. Whenever a major event is on, you’re almost guaranteed a full house. Hell you have to book depending on the venue. And that’s when it really comes to shine. I’ve been there for a few semi finals and the service is faultless. The biggest challenge would be to see if the rest of the guests will behave and to be honest it’s not in their control. Their security does a good job but idiots are going to be idiots.

3. Function hire
I have been here for more farewells than I care to count and to be honest, this place hosts the best sit in lunch setting. Their cocktail reception is even better. And the DJ on Friday night is spot on to bring the weekend in.

Definitely one of the places you should check out when you’re in the city.

TDT: 3.75/5

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