Dandenong: Dandenong Pavilion

The rumours are true. There is a secret menu. And it’s here to stay.

The Dandenong Pavilion is like finding a spare $50 in a pocket of an old jacket when you’re budget has run out. Unless you’ve been in that situation, you cannot begin to fathom the awesomeness of such a find. Nestled in dandenong, this place is a true delight that’s worth taking the time to step into.

The ambience is amazing and their menu something to behold. I can digress and talk about the massive 20kg nutella jar (that unfortunately is both empty and just prop) or the drinks menu being reasonably priced for an uptown venue. But we are here to discuss one thing and one thing only. The secret menu.

Over Facebook and through multiple friends, I have heard that this place had a secret menu of Gastronomical proportions. What originally started as a popup idea, has now been well and truly established as the thing to do at this venue. So when B and D told me we should do a run I was ready! Threw my budget out the window and donned my best comfortable extendable pants (ended up being not so extendable) and headed out.

The best thing about eating out is the fact that you just enjoy yourself from the sheer fact of the company. What was potentially meant to be, at most, an hour and half turned out to be a 3 hour conversational delight and food heaven.

D got the Colonel and I ended up with the Zeinheiger (the current special). We split both and enjoyed it to the max.

The Zienheiger

The Zienheiger

The Zeinheiger consisted of a massive patty (think double quarter pounder), bacon, lettuce, tomato and a Mac n cheese hash brown. Served with a side of chips with spicy topping and a generous serving of tomato sauce (oi, other restaurants, take their lead, there’s nothing worse than having to ask for more damn sauce. And the accompanying disapproving look isn’t appreciated either.)

The Colonel

The Colonel

The Colonel on the other hand had a spicy flavoured patty with pickles, cheese and a few other things… which I might have to go back and solve myself wink wink.

To be honest I preferred the colonel patty in the Zeinheiger condiments. That would have been the ideal. Having said that, my hunger was well and truly satiated ( I prepared by not eating much the whole day, if anything at all). I was ready to throw in the towel and just nap on the spot. But you see, D and I have a challenge going of eating all the biggest ice creams in every place.

Return of the Mack

Return of the Mack

Behold the Return of the Mack. Vanilla ice cream served with hot chocolate fudge, warm brownies and covered with whipped cream. Yes. I got diabetes. No we did not finish it. Damn you Mack! You have won this round. Yes, I did extend my pants but alas it was of no use.

The next day I pushed myself so hard at the gym (thanks to Y, you evil bastard) that I was dry wretching. I’m confident that I haven’t worked it off but I’m sure if I consistently move more, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The delicious burgers are worth the trip. And definitely one for all the gym going crowd too.

TDT: 4.5/5.0

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