Food Truck: Cali.Ko

The world is constantly changing and one of the amazing things is the fact that even the food industry is undergoing a change. If you haven’t noticed, the growing popularity of the food truck business. And Robert Downey Jr was smart to cash in on it with the movie “Chef”. Then we had the rise of the food truck festival and the food truck TV shows.

Until they landed in Australia.

So when my good friend, a partner in Wild Timor Coffee told me that his brother was getting into the Food truck business, I promised to be the first to review it.

Three words: Oh holy shit.



I used to worry about being impartial, but what I’ve come to realise that when I get people in to assist me with anything, I raise my expectations. And some people don’t make the cut and I’m sorry you didn’t. But I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. For whatever reason, you failed. Get better and try again later. If we are doing anything, I want you to be the best or I don’t really want to do anything with you. Yes. Harsh. But honest and respectful.

So when it came to time to try out CaliKo I had raised the bar pretty high. All I can say is oh holy shit.

CaliKo Menu

CaliKo Menu

First of all. Everything I had was damn delicious. I’m talking about 10/10 delicious. And the speed with which they were working at was unbelievable! I know that when you speed things up, especially in cooking, you might cut corners to beat the time. And when I did rock up to the food truck, they had the longest queue. Not sure if it was my friend’s pulling power, hat tip Zambo, as I honestly believe it to be (dude, maybe you should consider a job in marketing). I really, honestly do.

The biggest queue was at, you guessed it CaliKo

The biggest queue was at, you guessed it CaliKo

And to provide some more context. There was a pop-up food truck event for a one day only event. Sucks….I know. So there were tons to choose from. Including one place that was selling $8 soft serve. Seriously? When you can get the same thing from Maccas at $.30 or the fancy ones at a maximum of $4.20….yeah look at your positioning. But I digress.

Tacos and Quesadilla

Tacos and Quesadilla

So I chose to go for a combination – and each of them was beyond ridiculous. Like come on. The speed in which it was done (alleviated by excellent company – thanks K and M!) just does not produce results like this. All I could say is what the hell. And damn good food.



The tacos were amazing and the slow cooked pork just melted in your mouth. And the other thing (excuse me, I just slobbered over my keyboard) was juicy, tender and crunched perfectly into your mouth.

Was it filling? Yes.

Did you want more? Hell fucking yes. I wished I had more time and a second stomach. AND. Just wow.

For a food truck, it has to take the coveted first 5/5 award!!

Caliko BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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