30 Day Experiments

First of all, it was thanks to this TED talk that I started doing these 30 day challenges.

What has come out of it you ask?

1. The Domestic Traveller

2. My love for Photography

3. Coffee Experiment

Hell, I have even challenged a few of my friends and mentees to try and do something similar.

Having said that, here I am at nearly 2 am, unable to stifle this idea and thus wanted to do something public to ensure I get it done. Thanks to Reddit (man I love that site for all the knowledge it imparts), I have decided to take one random r/WritingPrompts piece and run with it for the day.

– Minimum 500 words
– One a day for 30 days

I’ve begun reading Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces” book and wanted to put the learnings into practice. It’s great to read all the books possible, but unless you practice what you learn you will never get the information to stick.

Cause I would like to break up the blog monotony by adding something a little different.

So here’s to getting the creative juices flowing and enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

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