Winter Night Markets 2015

The 2015 winter night market is on again and you need to go.

They have included a new fun thing called the silent disco whereby people have headphones and are linked to the same channel that tells you the actions you need to complete. There is nothing like a bunch of people just silently moving up to you and busting a groove to bring a smile on your dial. Especially if you have no idea what they’re doing.

And as always I ensured that I got into the best food option there was. Given it was my birthday recently, I caught up with a good friend, after a long time. By long, I mean it’s been a year. And we caught up at the exact same thing last year.

But unlike last time, I made sure to go around the entire section to get a glimpse of everything before I let my stomach decide. Last time, I had an amazing burger only to find more exotic fare 5 stalls down (crocodile and ostrich).
Ramen Store

I decided on Ramen burgers and the Korean Fried Chicken. I’ve always wanted to try the Ramen burgers and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.
Ramen Store Menu
Filled with tonkatsu sauce and a pork filling, the Ramen burger was a great compilation of the crispy yet soft noodle in delectable pork that melted in your mouth as you ate it. The bacon and cucumber really offset the tonkatsu sauce too.
Ramen Burger and Korean Fried Chicken
Having seen everyone get the Korean Fried Chicken as I was walking around, I had to get it myself. And boy was I glad. This was my first ever introduction to Korean Chicken and damn it was delicious. So much so that I could have sat there eating that forever. Here I thought Kentucky Fried Chicken was good. But no….the Koreans have done it better. In the words of my friend PA, “The Koreans took the Fried Chicken and made it into an art form”. Absolutely, spot on.
Mulled Wine
You need to go. Not just for the food, but for the activities (cinemas), live music and the amazing mulled wine and cider and all the other fares you can taste. If anything, go for the amazing massive fire pits and enjoy it with good company for a night out you won’t soon forget.

3 thoughts on “Winter Night Markets 2015

  1. Can’t wait to hit it up this year – feels like it’s been forever since my last night market run! You’re right about having to tour it all first before deciding though – there’s soooo much to choose from!


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