Downtown at the Hoff (Docklands)

The German experience has really caught on here in Melbourne and the new venues are definitely the spots to check out if you ever feel the need for a good stroodle.

Located in Docklands this spot has to be one of the busiest and most sought after eating experiences. As a carnivore, there is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing a menu filled to the brim with more meat choices than you can poke a fork at (pun intended).

Given that this was a celebratory business lunch, my two team members decided to pool our resources and get the meat platter.

Hof Meat Platter

Hof Meat Platter

This was a giant plate and even though we were all hungry, perhaps our eyes….may have been a bit too big for our stomachs and our own good.

On offer was a pork knuckle the size of my arm with meat so juicy and tender that it fell off the bone. However it was the satisfying crunch of the crackling that made you want to keep coming back for more.

The three types of sausages were enticing with the biggest being a cheese kransky. The medium sized ones were a little spicy and had left me with a tickle. The ham was quite well done and definitely sizable for three people.

Demolished Platter

Demolished Platter

I never knew potato mash could be done so well and if anything, I’d encourage you to eat just that by itself for next time. The Sauer Kraus was amazing and reminded me of my short stay in Germany.

There were, in my opinion, fillers on the plate. The green stuff aka salad which I did not touch (see above comment about being a carnivore) along with this amazing potato ball that kind of reminded me arrinchi but whatever the German equivalent is… and some excellent quince paste that I unfortunately left too late into the meal to properly savour.

Top View of the demolished meat platter

Top View of the demolished meat platter

All in all, the meal was great. The service excellent for such a big group and the prices quite reasonable too. Plus the fallout from the meal showed how filling it can be.

Definitely a place worth visiting.

TDT: 3.5/5.0

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