Sneak Peek: Melbourne White Night 2016

The one, the only, white night is returning and here are some of photos that you can expect.

This is an event that you need to plan for rather than just going in blind. Hence, here are the top 3 things to do to prepare:

1. Plan to see the fringe events first.
I know, I know that this is meant to be something you see in the dead of night but, there are things that are worth seeing and then there are things that are WORTH seeing. In this case, go for all the low key events that you don’t mind seeing during daylight first. And then head to the more popular ones in. Now it does mean you will have to queue but rather you queue and see something you want than queue and not get a chance to see what you really want.

2. Prepare with snacks and water.
Prices in the city are really high. Like a lot. So to avoid being stung by high prices and having to queue up unnecessarily, I definitely recommend getting some snacks on you and having a bottle of water handy. Also plan on having a good filling meal (not too much or you might feel sleepy) and then head out.

3. Don’t bring anything bulky
This can be bags, extra clothes or camera equipment. Unless you’re a budding photographer, having extra camera equipment just shows you are a twat. And, if you are taking your family into the city with (especially with a pram) you will need to avoid the peak times of 9pm-11pm. It’s way too crowded and people’s tolerance levels are at an all time low.

Here’s what you can expect from this amazing show and the lessons I learned from last time I attended this event!

Have a great time! For more information, check out the official White Night Melboure website.

Can’t wait to see all your photos – #whitenightmelb

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