Holy Hell Hoops Spicy Chicken Wing Challenge

I know that I can handle my spicy food. But this… this was some next level extreme. Get ice cream. And no, it’s not for your mouth.Let me start with this to give you an idea of what you can expect.


Alright so let’s get into this place.

Now, I am not one for your “Man Vs Food” challenge. But when a good friend from the SES wanted to catch up and I flaked multiple times, I had to make up for it….and thus the stage was set.


The spicy wing challenge. You know you can do this!!! #thedomestictraveller #spicychickenwingchallenge #hell

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Hoops is a newly opened sports bar and it has a great vibe. The food… well this was the first time I had some food and I know, I know, why the heck did I decide to do this thing. I dunno ok. I still can’t sit without wincing in pain. It makes for a great local spot in my opinion and I can highly recommend it as a place to come to with your friends to chill. And if you’re daring (read as “bat shit crazy”) enough to take on the spicy wing challenge, then you’re in for a treat (or hell…butt that’s my opinion)

The challenge is to eat 18 wings: 6 cooked in hot sauce, 6 in extreme hot sauce and 6 in challenge hot. You have 30 minutes to finish it and can only do one pint of whatever you like. They do provide a small serving of yogurt with 3 sticks of celery.

My method:
1. Wipe the damn sauce of it
2. Wipe any sauce that might hit your lips.
3. Do not breathe in when you eat as that will enhance the chilli
4. I would have a sip of my drink after every 2 wings
5. Eat a celery with yogurt after an entire round of one type of sauce That was it.

Unfortunately, I came unstuck at the fourth last one with 3 minutes to go as I violated rules 1 and 3. The challenge sauce hitting the back of my throat caused it to seize and close. And I was done.

But my man Pat, he persevered and did it! And he doesn’t eat spice either…. so proud of you Patty!

We immediately left and washed our hand and mouths. I had the most puffed up lips I have ever seen (on my face anyway).

The ice cream really helped. Like you wouldn’t believe it and to be honest, it was funny to watch two guys shovelling into ice cream like crazy in a car park. The cops walking past didn’t say a word. Thank heavens for that.

If you are up for it then you can find hoops here:

I give the challenge 5.0/5.0 but only if you’re crazy enough to try it!

Hoops Sports Bar & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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