Vegie Bar and Me

When the same friends that take you out to Mercer’s say that you need to visit another place, you listen. And to top it off, it also highlighted my own meat consumption and how I take it for granted. And an unintended, eye-opening lesson is worth looking into.

Located on the famous Brunswick Street, the first thing you will need to contend with is parking. Go in as early as possible, because if you do happen to get caught up with a local festival, expect a 30 minute hunt for a good spot. Then make sure you pin the location so you can know where to come back to after the meal.
On the inside, the venue was quite rustic and unique. They made good use of a multitude of spaces – there was an upstairs loft, a bar for the waiting section and then two main dining areas. And if you aren’t there with your entire party, they put you on a waiting list and ask you to step aside until they all arrive to seat you. Which is a good and a bad thing. Good – because you don’t have to wait too long. Bad because, if your eating partners are late, then you could waste a fair amount of time having a liquid lunch.
For entrees we did: Samosa (A traditional Indian pastry filled with mild vegetable curry, served with tzatziki and fresh chilli sauce) and Gyoza (Japanese-style mushroom, tofu and mixed veggie steamed dumplings, served with our special dipping sauce.) 20161119_195556
I have it on good authority that the Gyoza was good.
20161119_195643My samosa was good – nothing to rave about and the chilli wasn’t all that hot. A little letdown, but that’s ok.
For Mains we did: Mee Goreng (A classic Malaysian inspired disk of hokkien noodles wok-tossed with mixed vegies, tofu and sauteed potato in a lightly spiced peanut sauce.), Moroccan Stew (A rich tomato and chickpea stew with roasted eggplant, currant and almond cous cous, tzatziki, marinated cucumber salad, hazelnut dukkah and fresh parsley. Served with warm yogurt and pita bread.) and the delicious Mexican Burrito (Tortilla based wrapped around refried kidney beans, spinach, onion and mushroom, topped with melted cheese and fresh chilli sauce. Served on brown rice with sour cream and guacamole.)
The Verdict on the Mee Goreng: filling and delicious – this is something that was done with a lot of bean shoots. And the sauce was amazing.
The Verdict on the Moroccan Stew: Well my good friend was quiet during the entire meal. That’s enough said.

My verdict on the Mexican Burrito? Holy Moly, go in with an appetite. This thing was monstrous and in the right way. The brown rice was a great filler and the guacamole sealed the deal! On a scale of 1 – 5, it rated a 10. The flavours were well balanced but I was not prepared for the size of the meal.

We also did sweet potato chips, which, if I am being honest was ok. I know my dining partners loved it, but I wasn’t too sold on it.
TDT: 3.5/5.0
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