Focusing On The East

There are plenty of blogs that focus on the city and inner suburbs, but not much love is given to the local community on the East, West, North and South of the city. If anything, this is where the true hidden gems lie. And this weekend, the thing to do in Melbourne, heck the place to be is the Knox Festival.

The annual Knox festival is held either in March or April and is always a highlight for the local community. Held at the Wally Tew Reserve, your best bet is to come by public transport and catch the shuttle bus from the station to the reserve. Alternatively, I would suggest heading down early to get a parking spot. For what it is, this festival is amazing. You will need to bring some spare change with you cause you are going to need it here. And with entry prices this low, you just got to go go go!

Adults: $5.00
Children: $2.50
Family: $12
Concessions: $3

The Knox Factor is the quintessential item on this list. You could witness the birth of the most amazing talent in the world! Plus, there are rumblings of food trucks rolling in (or is that just my stomach?). The stalls are another thing not to be missed.

If you are in the area, you need to come down and try it out. Plus you will be helping to support local businesses too! Something that I am a big fan and advocate doing.

Besides, to top it off, I will be there in the orange SES (State Emergency Services) uniform, so come by and say hi!

This is my way of giving back. How do you serve?

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