Tasty Thursdays: The Best Kebabs In The City

Consumed: Mixed HSP
Drank: Water
TDT: 4.0/5.0


This little place is a good location on one of Melbourne’s main thoroughfares. And let’s be honest. Kebabs and HSPs are great drunk food. Something to consume to help you sober up. And this location is near the intersection of quite a few pubs. I could see this place being really busy. Even though there isn’t much room on the outside and on the street, it’s service was so quick, that you could definitely do a quick order and pick up and be on your merry way.


Touted as the best HSP in Melbourne and by the guy who loves his HSP – the Zam Slam, I had to go check it out. And what can I say? I absolutely loved it! It was that good. Had the mixed meat with chips. I chose not to have the cheese this time. And went with the hot sauce. Good lawd it was amazing and delicious all rolled into one. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection. Furthermore, the chips were crunchy on the outside yet warm and fluffy on the inside and seasoned with what reminded me of chicken salt and paprika. So far, I would say this is the best HSP I have had to date.

CBD_Kebabs-5As with all HSPs do not expect it to be the most healthy of meals. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, right? Everything in moderation!


At $12, I found this to be the most reasonable priced HSP meal to date. Even with the extra cheese, it still came in at $12. And I could not even complete the meal. HSP in it’s normal size, still remain one of those things that I cannot finish in one sitting.


I didn’t get a chance to sit there, and to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend you do that either. Being on the side of the road, this place allows you to do a quick stop, get your food and go on your own way. Do you want to sit on the side of the road? No. At any time of the day or night – I would hazard a no.

They could have offered it, and I think there was one dining set with 2 chairs. Yeah, probably not.


The service was good, fast and prompt. It was everything I could expect from a the small shop.


TDT: 4.0/5.0

CBD Kebabs Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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