Tasty Thursday: Grumblings are settled at Grilld Casey

Delicious sweet potato chips. They alone are worth the reason for going!

Consumed: Smoky Blackbird Black, Sweet Potato Chips
Drank: Organic Kombucha
TDT: 3.5/5.0


I stopped here for a quick bite whilst working with a friend. And it was great. Loved the location and the decor.

Black crumb chicken schnitzel with jalapeƱos, fresh slaw & smoky chipotle mayo – what can I say? This was a solid entry for a burger. First of all, don’t believe the hype. The black crumb means absolutely nothing to the burger. Like at all. It is a fad and that’s it. The schintzel on the other hand was fresh and delicious and the combination was well balanced.

Sweet Potato chips – This is what you need in your life. Seriously. When it comes to sweet potato anything, you are guaranteed a good time and no better time can be had, than wrapping your hands around these bad boys. The only way it could be better?

Grilld_Casey-1Remedy’s Organic Kombucha: Look, I don’t know when Kombucha could ever be processed. But sure. I prefer the original and one that you make yourself. So this was ok but I’d honestly give it a miss.


Look I should have skipped the Kombucha and chosen another burger. But those sweet potato chips were amazing! On a cost perspective, well, when the food doesn’t fair too well….then not so much. The burgers are quite expensive for a fast food chain… I might have to try again another time.


This place was awesome and I liked the decor. Definitely felt like a traditional restaurant that served fast food. Not a lot of places could pull it off but Casey did.


The service was impeccable and they were more than happy to provide suggestions.


TDT: 3.5/5.0

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