Melbourne Mondays: In The Lead Up To Mother’s Day

There are few good events that are on this week, but the best one is on Sunday and focused on Mother’s Day. Which I will, no doubt cover…but first, let’s indulge ourselves a little.

Good Beer Week

Running for more than a week (thankfully) from the 12th to the 21st of May, you can get your beer on tasting all the various samples from local and imported brews! For more information and to buy tickets, head on down to Good Beer Week and make sure you book your spots!

Heritage Race Melbourne

I was approached by the promoter to get the word out on this event. It’s a race to find out local stories for good. I’m keen to get some foodies and coffee fans along to come to this ‘Coffee and Culture of Melbourne’ event. At a reasonable price of $30 (to a max of $45), we could have a whole lot of fun learning more about Melbourne and raise funds for Orange Sky Laundry and Shower for the homeless in Melbourne. To find out and more and to make bookings, please check out Heritage Race Melbourne. This event takes place on 28/5/17 from 10am – 1pm.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Look, everyone wants to buy things for their Mums and I get it. You want to show how much you care. And for a long time, I too fell for this. Now, I give my Mum, the best present that I have to offer: My Time. Time is the one thing that is priceless in both senses of the word.

So if you are thinking of doing something with Mum (and this depends on her abilities), you should spend some time with her doing things she loves or taking her to something that she would like. The local thing I would highly recommend is the Belgrave Big Dreams Market. I have been there thrice and each time, I have come away inspired and with goodies. Heck, that’s how I met my favourite nougat creators – Eat Sweet Indulgence… but that’s another post.

Though if you really want to learn how to relate to your Mum (and others), I would highly recommend reading “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman and understanding the different principles and how it applies to the various relationships in your life and see how you transform the closest ones to you.

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