Arbory Is The Place To Be

This is by far, the best idea in Melbourne I have seen in a little while. What’s better than trying to catch up with a couple of people for a drink or a bite just before you all head home from the city’s most central location? Absolutely nothing.


On the banks of the Yarra River and literally outside Flinders Street station, Arbory will soon become synonymous amongst the working crowd of Melbourne as the place to visit. The brilliant open air venue makes it a wonderful addition to the city and mixes an outdoor rooftop venue with a good bar vibe. During summer, this place is always packed either with office folk, tourists or Christmas parties. Winter, it’s a little quiet though the weeknights light up with their warm outdoor heaters and a great selection of bites.

Besides, this is now, quintessential Melbourne and was definitely a stop over for The Domestic Traveller Tours!


Look, I’ll be honest – there is only one meal that is worth coming to check out over here. And it has to be the Southern Fried Chicken Burger. Your challenge is to eat it whilst it is still warm before you finish taking all the photos.


The brioche bun is delicious and exactly coated in the right amount of butter. But the chicken. Oh Lawdy Lawd. That chicken. The crunch, the whole mouthed feeling. I tell you one thing, it’s over too soon. Too damn soon. Why are you so good?


The other thing I can recommend from here (and purely for the novelty) is to get the Espresso Martini which is on tap. It’s not the best Espresso Martini (more on where the best one is located soon) but for the pure novelty of seeing an espresso martini being poured from a tap… it’s worth it.



The burger came in at a wonderful $16. The espresso martini at $20. For the review, I’m going to include both rather than just the meal.



Having a DJ pumping tunes on a Friday night, or some slow music during the week – this place is great. Besides, there is nothing like sitting and watching the world go by on a stool whilst enjoying a meal, a drink and a good conversation or two. The only challenge is ordering drinks when the bar is packed. You got to just be patient, and let the people that have been waiting there the longest go in.



The service as you’d expect, fluctuates when there are more customers but not in the direction you are thinking. The more customers they have, the faster and more efficient they become. Don’t ask me why or how, but I think it works on a business perspective. During the slow times, you want the perception of slow so you can enjoy yourself but during the rush, you want the meals to be fast.


TDT: 4.25/5.0

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