Food That Would Make Zeus Notice

Hungry? Want an upmarket souvalaki? Then be struck by the Zeus!


There’s nothing better than walking around the Brisbane Southbank. And after all that walking you can build up a good appetite. And my good friend, told me that this was a good place to grab a bite.


There was so many good choices that I had to go with the stock standard option. Sometimes to really weigh up a place, you have to go with the standard option and see how they fare against the other challengers.

Zeus-3I grabbed the Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Lamb in tomato, tzatziki, onion, paprika and our famous chips (11.50). And what can I say? When it finally arrived, it was delicious and tender, but the chips were a little weird. To add to it, this was a literal bite size snack. I could have gone another one easily and still not be full. Plus at $11.50, I was expecting more. But you got to factor in the upmarket feel.

In saying that, there was nothing upmarket about it and I couldn’t justify the price.

TDT: 1.0/2.0


For a bite sized meal, this should have been around 7, maximum $8. I couldn’t see how this could come to $11.50.

TDT: 0.25/1.0


Now this, is where the place really shined through. I loved the decor and the setting. The wonderful outdoor heater and overhead music that was being played was great! If anything, take a seat outside. You won’t regret it.

TDT: 0.75/1.0


From start to finish, I wasn’t impressed. I tried to have a conversation with the guy behind the counter and I got nothing. Literally nothing. Which would you recommned? Any. They’re all good. Ok, then what about these 2 options. Yup.

Yup? Really? Look maybe he was having a bad day. But I dunno. Upmarket prices, deserves upmarket service.

I know they had the tech to be able to do anything they wanted, but damn, “Yep”? Haha. Maybe I am being too critical, but in all honesty, I was not expecting that kind of service from this place.

Plus, the food took 15 minutes to arrive and the place wasn’t busy. So yeah, not sure why. Hey, at least I had some excellent company!

TDT: 0.25/1.0


Zeus-5Honestly, I wouldn’t be in a rush to dine here again. Maybe if I was desperate but even then I would think twice. The food was good, but the price and service kinda let it down. Who knows? Next time I’m up there, I shall go in and give them another shot.
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