Forage In The Burbs

Returning from a long trip, I finally decided to visit a local restaurant I had heard rave reviews about. The food was good, the coffee was better.


Located in Boronia, this a welcome addition to the local community. I love the fact that they support the local sporting clubs and for that I give it kudos! With ample of parking around the area, this makes for a comfortable meetup spot for anyone. Bonus points – it has enough space for Mum’s with prams. Definitely helps!


I ordered the chicken burger. Whilst I found the chicken to be a little dry, what I found more intriguing is the combination that they used.
Como Gardens 2017-3
Chicken Breast, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado Salsa and aioli.
Como Gardens 2017-4
The avocado and aioli was a great pairing and one that I can highly recommend.

TDT: 1.0/2.0


Right, at $18.50 – I’m sorry, this burger wasn’t worth that price tag. I expect gourmet, next level items!

Admittedly, this is a cafe – so if I did indeed want to taste their fares, then I should have gone more for their breakfast than burgers. Besides, if you are hunting for burgers, then I highly recommend Mum’s Burger Kitchen which is just a couple of stores down in that row of shops.
Como Gardens 2017-1
The coffee on the other hand was smooth and creamy. If you’re driving through and need to make a pit stop – avoid the McDonald’s and get in here!

TDT: 0.5/1.0


I loved the internal decor and the mood setting. Any time, a cafe plays music between 90 and 120 beats per minute songs, they have a win!

TDT: 0.75/1.0


One word: No. I had to remind the staff twice about my order. First, they got it wrong and came 25 minutes later to double check it and then at the 45 minute mark, I had to get up and ask them for it again.

Sorry guys, but this definitely needs to improve.

TDT: 0.0/1.0


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