Munch on down to the Bavarian

I’ve always been a fan of German food since I visited the country back in 2012. And this restaurant is the closest it comes to recreating the menu when you want to try German cuisine.

So in honour of my first visit to Germany after a long time, I’d finally pen the note about the local.


First up, this place is always packed. A phenomenal sign for any restaurant. So much so that it has stopped me from booking. However, one stray weeknight I decided to pop in and it forever changed my opinion. Welcome to the Bavarian (at Knox)


I chose the pork knucle. If memory serves me right, I enjoyed a feast in Germany with a mug the size of my head. And though I do not like beer, you can’t eat pork knuckle in Germany without the stein!
Fast forward and I’m perusing the cocktail menu. Did you know, they have a 2 for 1 deal on cocktails on some nights? Yeah. I know…so Melbourne of me.

Once more I chose the pork knuckle. And yes, it was everything I could have ever hoped for. It was cooked well and melted off the bone. The sauerkraut was delectable and the apple sauce was divine. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

Which is another reason you should only go there with an appetite. I mean, you can get away with getting a smaller meal, but I’d ask you…why would you do that?
The espresso martini was fine and the fresh coffee was everything I could ask for. Whilst it isn’t the same as one you’d get in the CBD, this is one of the few places that comes super close to it.

As a self proclaimed coffee snob, I can never shy away from an espresso martini. However, I’m mindful to never get it on tap. So when the waitress said she needs to whip it up, I was sold!


It was a little expensive but it’s something I anticipated.


The ambiance is always roaring and during Oktoberfest, I know this placr probably goes off! It’s both a summer and winter place and the decor ensures you enjoy it as such.


It was well staffed and the staff were attentive


Highly recommend you make the place a part of your next visit to the shopping centre.

The Bavarian Knox O-zone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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