Bits and bobs: Now introducing maps!

Seeing as I’m new to this entire thing, I’m slowly working my way through all the nicer points of a blog. Like understanding what is aesthetically pleasing (I can’t believe I said that) versus factual information. There seems to be a fine balance that I just haven’t obtained yet. ALTHOUGH! Having said that, I found out how to add maps to a blog.

You know, those things that are needed when you’re going somewhere… I know, I had a facepalm moment when I realised it myself. But that’s ok, my blog and I are still growing.

To show off my nifty new skills, I’ll be visiting the Shrine of Remembrance to commemorate ANZAC day 2013. If you get the chance, come on down. Having watched the service on TV, and experienced other live versions of things, I know that nothing will compare to being part of the march. Hope to see you there.

Lest We Forget.

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