Road-Tripping to the Valley

After pushing through a long week of work a day off couldn’t just be spent with my feet up, eating large quantities of food and watching day television re-runs.
With this weekend just been marking one month since returning back to live in Launceston, Tasmania from Melbourne, I thought a day trip out to my childhood area of Tasmania – the Meander Valley – for an afternoon of Indie Folk music and (had to get it in my day off somehow) large quantities of food.

The ever-breathtaking hour long drive out my Uncle and Aunty’s cafe/the day’s sold-out music venue, Marakoopa Cafe in Mayberry, was met at the end by a fantastic group of 30+ Sunday music enthusiasts not deterred by a 13-degree day merely a week after the state (and especially the area of Meander Valley) suffered some of it’s worst floods and rainfalls in history.


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Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – Queen’s Reading Room

This room, in it’s hey day was spectacular. Or perhaps it’s my love of black and white photography that is tainting my views. If that’s the case, the current restoration will give you some idea of how amazing this place is.
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Melbourne Open House: Myer Mural Hall

I don’t know whether this was always there in the Myer building or if it’s a new addition. If it’s new, then it’s definitely worth a visit. Why?
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Upcoming Events in July 2014

RMIT Lightscape projects at Melbourne Central:
Sounds fascinating, one of it’s kind and definitely something to look forward to.
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How to never got lost on Public Transport in Melbourne with these 2 FREE apps

“Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

Of course, this flies in the face of being spontaneous but for now, let’s understand the basic idea and we can then discuss the intricacies of philosophy later.

I reckon, to truly enjoy a place, you need a rough guide on getting to the place. Once you’re there… you ditch the phone/map and ask the questions of the locals and see how you go. Best way to meet some new people and to practice your language skills. Cultural experience + language learning = AWESOME experience. Continue reading “How to never got lost on Public Transport in Melbourne with these 2 FREE apps”

Melbourne: Chilli and Basil Thai Restaurant (online)

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Port Douglas: Island Point Lookout

Island Point Lookout
Island Point Lookout

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Port Douglas: Get Ya Kebabs

Get Ya Kebabs

I’ll keep this one brief. Go get ya kebabs from here. And speak to the guy with the dreadlocks. If I told you the history, I wouldn’t put the same amount of passion as he did in re-telling the story. You won’t be disappointed. And I apologise in advance for making you re-tell your story. All my love to you man! You definitely made my day more interesting and way less boring! Yes, it’s cheap but when you’re on holiday… so what? Let go and enjoy life! Live, Love, Laugh!

More short burst stories coming soon! Port Douglas is amazing and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

TDT: 4/5

Get yo Kebabs on!

Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update

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