Road-Tripping to the Valley

After pushing through a long week of work a day off couldn’t just be spent with my feet up, eating large quantities of food and watching day television re-runs.
With this weekend just been marking one month since returning back to live in Launceston, Tasmania from Melbourne, I thought a day trip out to my childhood area of Tasmania – the Meander Valley – for an afternoon of Indie Folk music and (had to get it in my day off somehow) large quantities of food.

The ever-breathtaking hour long drive out my Uncle and Aunty’s cafe/the day’s sold-out music venue, Marakoopa Cafe in Mayberry, was met at the end by a fantastic group of 30+ Sunday music enthusiasts not deterred by a 13-degree day merely a week after the state (and especially the area of Meander Valley) suffered some of it’s worst floods and rainfalls in history.


The setting for the cafe is gorgeous – The Western Tiers in full view even on a cloudy day. The cafe itself has an extension coming off it, built by Lars, that holds the seating for the music events and for the usual trading days as a cafe.

Of course, the food and coffee from their cafe never disappoints (which is what I love the most). They take pride in having a unique and extensive range of food to offer (from hot soups and pies to Chilli Beef jackets potatoes and fresh Chicken Korma), making incredible coffee and sweet brownies/muffins, and stocking various Tasmanian boutique brewers ales and ciders, as well as local goodies in their gift shop and small providore.


I went with the German Kransky Hot Dog – A pork kransky in a chewy bun, served German-style with sauerkraut, tomato sauce, mustard and crispy fried onion – and what a choice! Very flavoursome, juicy and filling; It even kept me ticking by till dinner (which isn’t normally possible for me I must say).


The first act of the day at 12:30 was Jed Appleton – a Hobart-based folk/indie acoustic singer/songwriter – whose unique lyrics and styling complemented the scene of Marakoopa Cafe and the Meander Valley and made for a brilliant musical set.


After grabbing a quick coffee in Intermission, I settled back into my seat for the start of the headline act at 1:45 – Joe Mungovan. Joe, an Indie/Folk singer/songwriter from Kiama (a town just south of Sydney), was at the 17th stop of his ‘Way Down South’ Tour at Marakoopa Cafe. In his hour-long set, he captivated the audience thanks to the clever use of a loop-tracking vocal pedal, his melodic style, and emotion that was felt throughout the whole room.

Leaving the beautiful Marakoopa Cafe and Meander Valley to return back home was all-too bittersweet. Yet, another day off well spent.

Until next time,


Marakoopa Cafe – 186 Mayberry Road, Mayberry, Tasmania, 7304.

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