Road-Tripping to the Valley

After pushing through a long week of work a day off couldn’t just be spent with my feet up, eating large quantities of food and watching day television re-runs.
With this weekend just been marking one month since returning back to live in Launceston, Tasmania from Melbourne, I thought a day trip out to my childhood area of Tasmania – the Meander Valley – for an afternoon of Indie Folk music and (had to get it in my day off somehow) large quantities of food.

The ever-breathtaking hour long drive out my Uncle and Aunty’s cafe/the day’s sold-out music venue, Marakoopa Cafe in Mayberry, was met at the end by a fantastic group of 30+ Sunday music enthusiasts not deterred by a 13-degree day merely a week after the state (and especially the area of Meander Valley) suffered some of it’s worst floods and rainfalls in history.


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Music: The OnFires

Have you ever felt that some people were just more extraordinary than others? That there’s something about their presence or their manners. You just know. Back in 2005, I had the pleasure of meeting exactly this kind of lady. Max. I knew her only as a Windows Server Deployment Manager. Later on I found out about her real passion. A rock superstar!

The OnFires, is an evolution of the band I knew as “Asleep in the Park”. My favourite song of theirs is (and still remains) Skeleton.

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