Music: The OnFires

Have you ever felt that some people were just more extraordinary than others? That there’s something about their presence or their manners. You just know. Back in 2005, I had the pleasure of meeting exactly this kind of lady. Max. I knew her only as a Windows Server Deployment Manager. Later on I found out about her real passion. A rock superstar!

The OnFires, is an evolution of the band I knew as “Asleep in the Park”. My favourite song of theirs is (and still remains) Skeleton.

However, their new stuff is awesome and I must admit this to you Max, I did come see one your shows quietly in Abbotsford back in the day. I loved it all.

Not sure what more to say – I just want you to enjoy their music. Their songs have an upbeat and energetic vibe to it all. If you need an extra boost, then this is the right music for you. Pop it in when you are about to head to the gym, during your session and you’re on your way. Heck – I’ve also put their music on whilst cleaning and before I know it, the house work is done.

And when they perform, they perform with their hearts out. Also follow their FaceBook page for latest gigs that they do. They are now performing intimate shows and who knows, I might run into you too! The photo at the start, that’s how I will always remember their performances.

The OnFires on tour

The OnFires on tour

The OnFires Website
The OnFires Flickr Site – absolutely love it
The OnFires YouTube Channel

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