Music: Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn’s Finest live in that small space where soul, funk, disco and pop all collide to form one groovy danceable mess!

If that isn’t an introduction, I don’t know what is.

Full Disclosure: I did go to high school with one of the band members. No, I didn’t get asked to write or paid for the review. I like their music, and thought I have to share their taste from one person at a time to the masses!

When I was at the Nixon a couple of years ago, I ran into an old friend Zach. We got to chatting and before I knew it, we connected on FaceBook and he filled me on all the amazing things he had done with his life. Obviously one of the cooler dudes at high school, the world was always at his feet. Of course, my jaw dropped when he told me he was in a band.

He invited me to come down to some of the gigs. Due to multitude of scheduling clashes, I could never get to their shows. That was until they became of the headline acts of the St. Kilda festival in 2014 – and come hell or high water, I was going to be there to support these guys! Yes, I got there but no, I couldn’t get in. From the shots I took, you can see there was no place to get in.

And the queue to see them stretched for blocks. If I lined up, I’m sure their set would have been finished.

They did a jazz number and I was dancing outside of the main event and I didn’t even care. There is no other word apart from “groovy”. It was the best meld of music that I had heard in a long time.

Here’s where they were invited to do Tram Sessions – an initiative to bring music to the masses on mass transportation. (Gawd I love Melbourne)

Want to hear more? Well here’s how to stay in touch with them.
Brooklyn’s Finest Website
Brooklyn’s Finest FaceBook Page
Brooklyn’s Finest Twitter
Brooklyn’s Finest on SoundCloud
Brooklyn’s Finest on Triple J Unearthed

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