Breathe In, Breathe Out: An unravelling that is Woodford Folk Festival

I took my time to write this piece. Cause I don’t want this feeling to end. But for as long as I believe in what it showed me, the power of it can never die. And here’s why you should go. If you’re looking for peace, a way to calm your inner chattering monkey or to get into a focused groove then Andrea Kirwin’s music is the one for you.

With her Island background, her subtle tones and three part harmonies with her sister, Tia


are all there and make for one remarkable musical ride.

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During the Woodford music festival, I had the opportunity to hear her play and I was hooked from the first performance. Playing her top music from all her albums, I was taken in by the calm aura around her. Whenever she played, it was almost impossible to be in a foul mood. It was like being soothed by your Mum whenever you were sick or sacred. You know, that’s it. It felt like being home. A nurturing and caring home. And the songs were like a big warm hug.

The one song she sang that helped me break through a lot of negative mental chatter is “Breathe In, Breathe Out”. It connected on a fundamental level with me. More than once I just sat there, mesmerised, frustrated tears just leaving my face. And in that moment I felt free. I felt healed. I was rejuvinated and ready to take on the world.

“The Story of Us” is a beautiful album with predominantly slow ballads for you to chill out to. The upbeat songs do not go tol high and can cause you to have a gentle dance wherever you are.


Andrea Kirwin signing

I got to meet the lovely artist and it was completely impossible for me to stop smiling. I know I probably gave off some kind of awe struck fan vibe but neither did she, her sister or her partner care. It was all so, gentle, peaceful and amazing.

Now, whenever the stresses of the day get too much, I switch on the album and melt away the day’s troubles with a nice cup of coffee (more about this amazing blend I found).

Andrea’s talent is simply amazing and she set the baseline for discovering local and indie artists in my own backyard! This year will be the year that I bring you more of these artists!

Here are some of my favourite songs on her albums:

And the link to support her music via her amazing website.

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4 thoughts on “Breathe In, Breathe Out: An unravelling that is Woodford Folk Festival

  1. How good is it to find that thing that can get you in a great mood, slow your mind down, get you to forget your troubles and stressed of the day. Now that you have fiund this, keep that momentum going and keep searching for a more deeper inner peace


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