Look out Dockers, there’s a new Hawkers in town (Hawker’s Corner: Docklands)

2015 has been the year of the Char Keow Teow. And admittedly, it’s absolutely amazing that the more I dream of the dish, the more restaurants that open up that serve it.

(Please note: this place does not have a location on Google Maps as of publication and I have thus used the closest available spot to identify it)
Hawker’s corner opened up in October 2015 and is already poised to be a favourite takeaway and dine in location for all the local work members that surround them.
And with prices low and quality high, you can just imagine how busy and how hard it is to get a seat there.
Their version of Char Keow Teow is the closest I’ve come to enjoying the dish away from Malaysia. Whilst I have a place close to home and they get the dish oh so right, I can’t justify going all the way out there, just for lunch. I meant hat would be a 2 hour round trip. Would it be worth it? Yes. Could I sustain such a long journey everyday? Probably not.

First of all, the location does seem a little out of place. Tucked away in a corner, you could almost be forgiven for overlooking this gem.


Hawker’s Corner Docklands

All that the store has is the sign. But once you’re in there, the decor of the front desk is exactly as you’d expect it to be from a hawker’s market.


I think they know why we are here

The prices? Omg the prices are so low. And the quantity that they give you is enough to fill you to the brim. You might be forgiven for thinking that the serving size is smaller. But that’s more than likely your hunger talking.
The Char Keow teow is simply amazing. The smell that wafts through the air as it’s delivered is just the enticement you need.
The seafood and prawns are delicious amd the noodles are cooked through with the subtle taste of sublime Asian herbs that every morsel is just happiness.

Char Keow Teow

The vegetables in there are crunchy yet amazing.
There’s so much more to say, yet not enough words to describe it. If I were you, I’d let you be the judge and let your palette do the talking. (Or tasting).
TDT: 4.5/5.0
Hawkers Corner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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