Port Douglas: Old Train Tracks

Sunset Tours at Port Douglas
Fine Dining into the sunset

In bygone days, Port Douglas was also a port and had to have many things be transported up and down from the water’s edge. As far as I was concerned, I had no idea what they could possibly used for when I first entered the place and saw those disused tracks along the main roads. But if you remember that “Journey of Discovery” aka my walk along the 4 mile beach that turned out to be an amazing half day adventure. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Old Train Tracks”

Port Douglas: Mocha’s Pies

After a long stroll, I chose to step into the highly awarded Mocha’s Pies. A quick search on Trip Advisor and thanks to Google, I found that these guys have been winning awards for close to 20 years. So I was definitely excited to check them out. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Mocha’s Pies”

Port Douglas: 4 Mile Beach

4 Mile Beach
4 Mile Beach

This is definitely one of nature’s untouched beauties in the tropical far north. And a definite highlight for anyone visiting Port Douglas. Continue reading “Port Douglas: 4 Mile Beach”

Port Douglas: Whileway Cafe

Whileaway sign

When TripAdvisor mentioned this as one of the top 10 spots to visit in Port Douglas, you could say, I was a little more than dubious. And so should you. This world is full of sensationalist garbage. So test it out for yourself! And I’m so glad I did. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Whileway Cafe”

Port Douglas: Island Point Lookout

Island Point Lookout
Island Point Lookout

This is the highest point in Port Douglas and the view is spectacular. Especially if you go see it first thing in the morning. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Island Point Lookout”

Port Douglas: Get Ya Kebabs

Get Ya Kebabs

I’ll keep this one brief. Go get ya kebabs from here. And speak to the guy with the dreadlocks. If I told you the history, I wouldn’t put the same amount of passion as he did in re-telling the story. You won’t be disappointed. And I apologise in advance for making you re-tell your story. All my love to you man! You definitely made my day more interesting and way less boring! Yes, it’s cheap but when you’re on holiday… so what? Let go and enjoy life! Live, Love, Laugh!

More short burst stories coming soon! Port Douglas is amazing and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

TDT: 4/5

Get yo Kebabs on!

Travelling to Paradise: The Hidden Gems Awaiting You At Port Douglas

Nestled in the top end of Queensland is one of Australia’s most loved treasures: Port Douglas. From here you can travel to the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, Historic Court House and some of the most famous restaurants, On The Inlet, Central Hotel, Courthouse Hotel & TAB and much much more on the Port Douglas map!

Continue reading “Travelling to Paradise: The Hidden Gems Awaiting You At Port Douglas”