Travelling to Paradise: The Hidden Gems Awaiting You At Port Douglas

Nestled in the top end of Queensland is one of Australia’s most loved treasures: Port Douglas. From here you can travel to the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, Historic Court House and some of the most famous restaurants, On The Inlet, Central Hotel, Courthouse Hotel & TAB and much much more on the Port Douglas map!


My original map did get lost and I had to resort (get it? The pun? Resort. Yeah I know, I’m hilarious…) to the closest one possible and found this one!

Port Douglas Map

The Port Douglas Tourism Map

Things to Do

Whilst the map lists 25 things to see and yes, I did see 24 of them, I’ll only cover the best of the things I visited.

1. On The Inlet [Dining]
2. Historic Court House [Places]
3. Police Station [Places]
4. Central Hotel [Places]
5. Courthouse Hotel & TAB [Places]
6. St. Mary’s by the Sea – Church [Places]
7. Cemetery [Places]
8. Barrier Reef Tavern [Dining]
9. Rainforest Habitat [Places]
10. Yacht Club [Places]
11. Great Barrier Reef [Places]
12. Island Point Lookout [Places]
13. Whileaway Cafe [Dining]
14. 4 Mile Beach [Places]
15. Get Ya Kebabs [Dining]
16. Mocha’s Pies [Dining]
17. Port Douglas Marina [Places]
18. Old Lighthouse [Places]
19. Train Tracks [Places]
20. My unofficial off the map little beach fun find [Places]
21. Iron Bar Hotel [Dining]
22. Lure Cafe [Dining]

As you can tell, it was a combination of many different things. There were other minor items that I didn’t cover and these include the 42 flavours (of ice cream) and the Gelati Palace. Won’t lie, they really do have 42 flavours and the gelati was ok after having the ice cream. Well to be honest, after the ice cream, the gelati just didn’t match up…

My goal is to ensure you don’t go wasting your time on things that wouldn’t really be worth it. Yeah sure, you can do the photoshop tour, but what is it to experience a place, unless you go there and enjoy yourself. And yes, over time I’ll continue to keep coming back to this page and updating the links so this can be your one stop shop to Port Douglas… The Domestic Traveller style. Bookmark this page. You’ll want to keep coming back to this one often as I’ll be updating it with all the photos and posts from this central post.

And to all of you that were looking for things to do, I sincerely apologise that I forgot to add this as the first post.

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