100 Reasons why you should vist The Melbourne Open House

The annual Melbourne Open house, opens a 100 of Melbourne’s most famous and old buildings. This is a once a year opportunity you cannot miss. And here’s why…

Every year, the list of the 100 buildings tend to change as some of the buildings require maintenance or upkeep. This means, there could be a few buildings that you might never get the chance to see again. In your lifetime. So make sure you go to as many of these Open House events as you can.


Nige’s tips to ensure you get the most out of your weekend:
– You will be walking around, so don’t wear “trendy” shoes. Runners are comfortable and the best to help you get from A to B.
– Be comfortable with the fact that you are not going to be able to see 5 or 10 buildings over the weekend. Factor in waiting times, which can be upto an hour at each of the more popular locations and the time just flies.
– Having said that, bring some water and refreshments from home. There is nothing like being famished whilst waiting in line and having to give up your precious spot because of that delicious bacon and egg muffin and hot coffee streaming from across the street from that quaint little cafe that has NO ONE in there….
– Plan ahead. The buildings are set out in different sections of the city. The last thing you want to do, is run from one side of town to the other. Ensure you build flexibility into your timetable and allow for mishaps….”being closed for lunch” or “for renovations”. These things happen. Don’t stress. Just move to the next item on your list.
– Finally, dress appropriately. This IS Melbourne, people. Expect, rain, sun and wind changing every 15 minutes.

Consider yourself warned. Plan ahead and don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy the journey and I look forward to hearing from you about your wonderful adventures.

Here is the list of the buildings for 2013. I’ll add links to the ones I’ve attended over the years as I progress along.

2013 List of Melbourne Open House Buildings


  1. 171 Collins Street
  2. ArtPlay
  3. Block Arcade
  4. Council House 2 – CH2
  5. DesignInc
  6. Federation Square
  7. Manchester Unity Building
  8. Melbourne Town Hall and Offices
  9. Myer Mural Hall
  10. Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
  11. RMIT Building 113 – Capitol Theatre
  12. Russell Place Substation
  13. Scots’ Church and Assembly Hall
  14. St Michael’s Church
  15. State Library of Victoria
  16. The Melbourne Athenaeum
  17. Wesley Uniting Church


  1. 60L Green Building
  2. Cairo Flats
  3. Former No. 3 Carlton Fire Station
  4. Grainger Museum
  5. Little Black Number
  6. Melbourne City Baths
  7. Melbourne General Cemetery
  8. Metropolitan Meat Market Arts House
  9. Newman College
  10. RMIT Design Hub
  11. Royal Children’s Hospital
  12. Royal Melbourne Hospital Tunnels and Towers
  13. St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research
  14. University of Melbourne – Harry Brookes
  15. Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology
  16. University of Melbourne – Wilson Hall
  17. Walter AND Eliza Hall Institute


  1. Clarendon Terrace
  2. East Melbourne Synagogue
  3. German Lutheran Trinity Church
  4. No 1 Spring Street
  5. Old Treasury Building
  6. Orica House
  7. Parliament House
  8. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  9. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  10. St Patrick’s Cathedral
  11. Tasma Terrace
  12. The Hotel Windsor
  13. The Johnston Collection
  14. The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  15. Treasury Reserve Buildings Tour
  16. Urban Workshop


  1. Airlie Leadership Development Centre
  2. Arts Centre Melbourne – Hamer Hall
  3. Arts Centre Melbourne – Theatres Building
  4. MacRobertson Girls’ High School
  5. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  6. Melbourne Synagogue
  7. National Gallery of Victoria
  8. National Tennis Centre
  9. Portable Iron Houses
  10. Royal Botanic Gardens – Melbourne Observatory
  11. Royal Botanic Gardens – Plant Craft Cottage
  12. Shrine of Remembrance
  13. Southbank Theatre
  14. The Guilfoyle
  15. Victoria Police Mounted Branch
  16. Westpac Centre


  1. 131 – 141 Queen Street
  2. ARM Architecture
  3. Australian Red Cross Blood Service
  4. Denmark House
  5. Hellenic Museum
  6. InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto
  7. JA Substation
  8. Phillips Shirts Manufacturing
  9. Rendezvous Grand Hotel Melbourne- Commercial
  10. Travellers Hotel
  11. Royal Historical Society of Victoria
  12. Signal Arts Studio
  13. St James’ Old Cathedral
  14. Supreme Court of Victoria
  15. Victoria Law School – Former Land Titles Office
  16. Victoria Law School – Former Public Records Office


  1. Aurecon Centre
  2. Channel 9 Studios
  3. Forté
  4. Lego Education Centre
  5. Lifestyle Working Collins Street
  6. Melbourne Water Head Office
  7. Mission to Seafarers
  8. NAB Headquarters
  9. Port of Melbourne – Boat Tours

Port Phillip:

  1. Australian Tapestry Workshop
  2. Edgewater Towers
  3. Esplanade Hotel
  4. Esplanade Vaults, St Kilda
  5. Jewish Museum of Australia
  6. St Kilda Library
  7. St Kilda Town Hall


  1. Como House & Garden
  2. Malvern Hill
  3. Malvern Town Hall
  4. Melbourne Girls Grammar School
  5. Northbrook House and Stables


  1. Fitzroy High School
  2. Hawthorn Tram Depot
  3. Heller Street Park & Residences
  4. John Wardle Architects & Spacecraft Studio

Mystery buildings:
6 mystery buildings are yet to be announced.

For more information, please visit http://www.openhousemelbourne.org/


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