Melbourne: Heart of St Kilda Concert

Every year, there is one concert that’s really worth it. One that I’m willing to break my self imposed rules to attend. Never has a festival had such an amazing line up of comedians, local favourites and the true heart of the suburb of st kilda. Continue reading

Yarra River

Upcoming events June 2014

Makerspace at the Docklands Library

Get electronically creative at the new Docklands Library

At the time of writing this, all sessions have been sold out. I’m keeping a tab on it so that the next time it comes up, I’ll be there.

Given that it’s cooling down, I’m choosing to do a few more indoor styled things, so for now – I’m going into culture mode and looking at the various exhibitions available at the museums in and around Melbourne.
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Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update

So here I am wondering what I should do with this blog and how I can take this thing to another level. I had a great conversation with one of my mentor who does something similar. You should check out his work when you get the time. . Well for one thing, I am also going to put in the things that you should look out for in each month that I intend on doing. Continue reading

100 Reasons why you should vist The Melbourne Open House

The annual Melbourne Open house, opens a 100 of Melbourne’s most famous and old buildings. This is a once a year opportunity you cannot miss. And here’s why…

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