Bits & Bobs: 2014 Update

So here I am wondering what I should do with this blog and how I can take this thing to another level. I had a great conversation with one of my mentor who does something similar. You should check out his work when you get the time. . Well for one thing, I am also going to put in the things that you should look out for in each month that I intend on doing.

One of the subtle things I did notice is that the price of a myki weekend fare jumped from $3.50/day to $6.00/day. This makes my original $50 goal a little harder, but hey, if people in the old school war days could survive on a lot less, what do we have to complain, right?

As such, the top things to look out for in Melbourne (or expect a review to come in):

1. Nina Simone tribute – I am just learning to appreciate Jazz music and this seems like a perfect introduction to one of the world’s most amazing Jazz singers and I cannot wait!

2. White Night Melbourne – So this is one of those world wide events that was brought to Melbourne and started in 2013. I have to see what this is all about and report back to you….

3. Docklands Dragon – this is a once off event as the City of Melbourne has decided to erect this giant 100 foot of a dragon in celebration of the Chinese New Year. It’s only up for a short time till 16/2 so get in there as quick as you can!

4. St. Kilda Festival – now this is one amazing festival you cannot miss. Unfortunately, I only found out about this festival on the last day because a friend of mine is in a band playing on the day. The LAST day. I cannot wait to see the festival and to support my pal! I’ll ensure that I’ll be there a lot earlier next time. Don’t worry, I’ve put it on my watch list for next year!

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