Upcoming events June 2014

Makerspace at the Docklands Library

Get electronically creative at the new Docklands Library

At the time of writing this, all sessions have been sold out. I’m keeping a tab on it so that the next time it comes up, I’ll be there.

Given that it’s cooling down, I’m choosing to do a few more indoor styled things, so for now – I’m going into culture mode and looking at the various exhibitions available at the museums in and around Melbourne.

Guided tours…

Federation Square – it’s one of our latest creations (relatively) and given that learning the history has been an eye opener (especially with the Great Ocean road), then a tour of one of the major attractions is no doubt a great idea!

Old Treasury Building – Sailing into Melbourne Exhibition

My love for boats might just be cured with this exhibition.

Docklands – at the Docklands Library

Docklands has been recently revitalised and when it started with only one building to where it is now, this is just getting better. It will be a worthy time to sit back and look at how it all came to be.

Rome on Film @ the State Library

Wow – even though I’m catching the last ever session this going to be amazing and I cannot wait.

Trouble is my business – Victoria Police Museum

What’s it like to be a detective in today’s Victoria police. A look back at what it takes to be a detective from 1920s to present. Exciting times indeed!

Light in Winter Exhibition – Fed Square

Holy crap – International Artists, and amazing installations that are on display from different times. Who knew Federation square could be this amazing!

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