Melbourne: Little Bertie’s Cafe

Quaint, delicious and a gem to find, Little Bertie’s Cafe is one that is sure to both delight and amaze you.


Little Bertie's Cafe

Little Bertie’s Cafe

Catching up with the first manager I ever had in my career for lunch led me, lead us to discuss many things – given that it was actually quite a few years since we’d physically met up. The long conversation eventually made our stomach’s rumble and I let DE make the decision.

I was told by Laur, to go to 3 bags down, but in all the excitement of meeting DE and the conversations we were having, I completely forgot about the suggestion. Sorry Laur.

However, this place, Little Bertie’s Cafe was absolutely amazing. It is on the back of Bertie’s Butchers and all ingredients are served fresh every day. Once you’ve sampled the amazing cooking and tenderness of their ever changing specials, then you’ll be more than willing to pick up some fresh meat from the shop. And before you ask, no, there was no “butcher” shop smell in the cafe. Probably because of the delectable chicken nacho sliders and tender lamb ribs that was continuously being cooked for the growing customer base.

How it works? You choose either one of the main options ($10) then choose to add a side or two (for $2.50/side). When I attended, it was a choice between Chicken Nacho sliders or Tender Lamb Ribs. Sides were – ‘slaw, sweet potatoes or cous cous rice (or something healthy). No, and before you ask, there were no vegetarian options.

The moment of truth…

When the food arrived, I was a little underwhelmed – the lamb portions didn’t look enough and it seemed like they really went crazy with the ‘slaw. However for $12.50, I internally rationalised that I really couldn’t complain. I apprehensively cut into the meat and took the first bite. OMG, I have not tasted Lamb as tender and as juicy as this! The aioli and tzatziki topping was a fine compliment to the lamb and the homemade dressing of the ‘slaw. Add to that, the service was impeccable as people came and kept topping up our water constantly which was a fine touch and something most restaurants should do….but you’d be surprised.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would highly recommend this place and would encourage anyone in the area to go too.

They had a great story behind their coffee (saying the altitude from which it was picked was an eye-catcher), but I didn’t have enough time to sample it. Perhaps the next time I am in the area, I will stop by.

TDT Rating : 4.0/5

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