Upcoming Events in July 2014

RMIT Lightscape projects at Melbourne Central:
Sounds fascinating, one of it’s kind and definitely something to look forward to.

Behind Dyson:
Ok, I’m showing my geeky and domesticated side, but unless you’ve used a Dyson, you wouldn’t know how amazing it is. Definitely one that I am keen to go to, especially to see how they do the research behind those things.

Winter Fireworks:
These things are back and I cannot wait!! Join me?

Here’s my take from the previous years and how to get a good spot.

Video Art Exhibition:
This is meant to be something of an innovative fusion of visual mediums. I’ll have to report back with my thoughts

Taste of the Market:
Queen Victoria is known for it’s markets. This is just one of their annual events. And in the cold wintery nights, there is nothing like a warm stew to liven you up again.

European Night Market in Madame Brussels Lane:
Inaugural event….with mulled wine. Enough said.

Josephine Do – Travelling:
I’ve heard plenty of people talking about this artist and I have checked out her work online – always being suitably impressed. Can’t wait to check this out.

Open House Melbourne:
How could I even forget this. It is my quest to go see every possible building. People have done it in 5 years. And so the challenge has been set. You definitely go. Here are some pictures to persuade you further.

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