Melbourne: Black Cod

Catching up with one of my all my time favourite people, I was easily convinced to go to this new restaurant that had opened up in Docklands. The irony is that the Black Cod took over from the place that used to make the most amazing breakfasts. And whilst that restaurant is gone, I whole heartedly welcome the Black Cod.

Black Cod 2


Situated near the water’s edge, in summer or on a nice sunny day (as we were fortunate enough to have) this would (and was) an amazing spot. If you don’t mind the hungry seagulls, I definitely recommend sitting outside on the water’s edge. The views are serene and there is something utterly peaceful about hearing the water lap against the pier.


I chose the Fish Basket with Kale and Corriander salad. Where do I begin? Firstly, even battered, the fish wasn’t too greasy. The chips were delicious and reminded me of them being cooked with love. Perhaps I need to do a hunt on the best chips in the city…Oh and for the first time I tried Kale. It was an….interesting experience to say the least.

And all this for under $13 for lunch. Wow. What more can you ask for?

Fish, chips and Kale and Corriander

Fish, chips and Kale and Corriander

TDT: 4.0/5

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