Melbourne: Little Nyonya

Had to have a quick lunch in the Docklands area and Pok Pok seemed to be out of the question. I don’t know why… but sometimes, variety can be the spice of life.


Entrance of Little Nyonya

Entrance of Little Nyonya

It’s actually a quaint location and my mentor P. and I went in there for a quick bite. Given his love for the Asian cuisine and my love of spice, this was a good and happy compromise. We picked a good day and time as it was not a busy day for them.

Scrumptious Food

Scrumptious Food

I ended up with the spicy lamb, rice and daal (lentil) curry with a drink. This came to $12. The food was prompt to arrive as it was their express lunch menu. But I couldn’t tell if it was the fact we were sitting outside or the food itself, it cooled rather quickly. And it didn’t matter how fast either of us ate, it still seemed a little cold. P did mention that it was not their best service so far. And I’d have to agree.

The food was good but rather cold and I couldn’t whole heartedly recommend it. They are a little hampered by being located off the main strip and when Banoi and Pok Pok being so close, I’d recommend those places over this.

I’ll be honest, unless I have a compelling reason, I wouldn’t be coming back here.


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