Melbourne Open House: Coop’s Shot Tower and Museum

I didn’t quite catch what this place was all about. From what I gathered is that they used to make shots. How and why? I don’t know. This was towards the end of my tour, having clocked close to 20,000 steps and been walking for 2 hours straight without water and food. (I didn’t get the chance to eat).
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Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room

The La Trobe reading room is always open. Plus it has been used in a few movies – extra points for you if know which one. I’ll narrow it down for you. It’s one of the ones that Katie Holmes did in the noughties. If that doesn’t get you, then checking out the Ned Kelly armour is another worthwhile visit.
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Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – Queen’s Reading Room

This room, in it’s hey day was spectacular. Or perhaps it’s my love of black and white photography that is tainting my views. If that’s the case, the current restoration will give you some idea of how amazing this place is.
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Melbourne Open House: Scot’s Church and Assembly Hall

More than once I have walked/travelled past this place and never once did I stop to have a look within here. I was glad I did. There is something about old churches that always makes me wonder. If these buildings could talk, what would they say? How many things have they seen? Survived? Or are yet to see?
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Melbourne Open House: Young and Jackson Hotel

Watch out… the flurry of photographs from the weekend are coming!!
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Melbourne Open House: The 2014 Challenge

If you haven’t heard about the Open House Melbourne event happening this weekend, then you might be about to miss one of the most prestigious annual events.
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Upcoming Events in July 2014

RMIT Lightscape projects at Melbourne Central:
Sounds fascinating, one of it’s kind and definitely something to look forward to.
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Port Douglas: 4 Mile Beach

4 Mile Beach
4 Mile Beach

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Port Douglas: Island Point Lookout

Island Point Lookout
Island Point Lookout

This is the highest point in Port Douglas and the view is spectacular. Especially if you go see it first thing in the morning. Continue reading “Port Douglas: Island Point Lookout”