Melbourne Open House: Young and Jackson Hotel

Watch out… the flurry of photographs from the weekend are coming!!

It was good to take some time out to go and wander around Melbourne. Even though I did have a short period of time to do it in. What did surprise me though, was how many buildings I covered in that short period of time…(Persistance is damn amazing)

So what are some of the notes I got from this place?

  • Changed owners plenty of times
  • Was owned by the guy who created Toohey’s
  • At one time, Beer was more sanitary than water and there were close to 200 pubs and breweries in the city (wow!)
  • Used to be only one small part of the place (the main building downstairs).
  • Previously was a hotel.
  • Then merged with the bottleshop next door, which used to be a theatre show. If you look at the archway, you’ll see that it’s pretty fancy and you need to duck to go in.
  • Then merged with an old pharmacy behind it.
  • However when one of the partners of Young and Jackson had left, the place fell into disrepair.
  • To get customers, they brought the scandalous painting of Chloe. Not only because she was nude but also because her hairstyle was more modern than the ladies of those days. And apparently, that’s the reason why people came to see it. (Admittedly, at this poinit, I wanted to remind the tour guide that they should not believe everything they hear – as according to the quote from Abraham Lincoln on the web).
  • Finally underwent some major TLC to become what it is today.
  • There is fine dining within it and Melbourne’s first ever rooftop cider bar.
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