Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room

The La Trobe reading room is always open. Plus it has been used in a few movies – extra points for you if know which one. I’ll narrow it down for you. It’s one of the ones that Katie Holmes did in the noughties. If that doesn’t get you, then checking out the Ned Kelly armour is another worthwhile visit.

Plus, they’re always having free exhibitions. If you live here and are not taking advantage of this, I don’t know what is wrong with you. Like seriously. This place is all kinds of cool. Besides, books are coming back in. With the current exhibition, you can see the smallest books ever written (called the midget collection) along with the oldest version of the Torah and Qu’aran. They’re 1000s of years old and under temperature controlled cases.


Why are you still reading this and not making a move towards the library? For real. Come on people. Hustle….

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