Things To Do In Melbourne July 2016 Edition

July has rolled around and I’ve really slack. Blame my addiction to Pokemon Go for that.

Here are my favourite and highly recommended things to do in Melbourne during July:

1. Docklands Winter Fireworks

This has been extended from July and all the way into August every Friday night at 7pm.
Please keep in mind the weather as this shall dictate whether the event goes ahead – stay updated with That’s Melbourne on Twitter or Facebook.
Fireworks in July

Check out my handy guide for more tips!

2. Open House Melbourne


Welcome to the single most amazing thing for all you architecture buffs and history nerds. Get a once in a lifetime look, behind the scenes of some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. Some locations are not repeated, others require ballot, all of them require stamina, good walking shoes and a lot of heart!

You better believe that I will be aiming to get some amazing buildings in this year as well. To maximise your experience – check out this nifty post.

3. The Queen Victoria Night Markets 

Easily one of Melbourne’s must attend events. Got to go for the awesome food. The live music is a plus but it’s the atmosphere that you enjoy the most!

 Join in the adventure and never miss a beat – I’ll show you the best the place has to offer.


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