When The Penny Drops

I was told that I had to try this place. And when my friend raves about a place. I have to try it. How good is The Penny Drop? I have rushed home to write a review straight away. Yes. It’s that good.

Located conveniently across from the Box Hill station, this quaint restaurant has a great welcoming feeling. To be honest, I actually struggled to describe this. In terms of feelings, imagine the lushness of being in a high-end restaurant yet being enveloped in a cozy diner.20160707_192549
Go in and you will know what I mean.20160707_191210

To start off the night, I sampled their coffee. My Lawd, their barista did an amazing job. It was an Ethiopian single origin bean which had undergone the Monsoon Malabar process. The rich creamy texture is perfect. The crema – amazing. I didn’t care I was having it before dinner. This was good coffee!

For entree, I chose the chicken wings. I was unsure about the combination – mandarin sauce and sesame?IMG_7537IMG_7535 Se-sa-yes please. This was a stand out dish for me as the sesame seeds stuck well to the wings. To top it off, the chicken skin was coated nicely in the mandarin sauce and was cooked crispy on the outside whilst still maintaining the soft and tender goodness on the inside. IMG_7538To be honest, I was sad to see this dish end.

Dinner, on the other hand, consisted of a burger. I know, 2 burgers in one day? (I might need to kick my exercise routine up a notch from here on in….)IMG_7553

But not just any burger. The Penny Drop’s Southern Buttermilk Chicken. That’s right. Buttermilk. The sound you hear is your stomach rumbling….

20160707_202508Chipotle Mayo, jalapeno, red cabbage and dill slaw – the satisfying crunch that awaited you alone is worth it. This combination took it to the next level.

This was one pleasant dining experience that I wholeheartedly recommend. Escaping the cold into the lovely,warm and alluring atmosphere, being attended to by awesome staff and the hilarious joke from Tim the manager (My dining companions were still laughing because it definitely sounded like food envy from our perspective) made it one hell of a night.

TDT: 4.5/5.0

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